The Odyssey of Hope

22 June 2023

all day

NISI, Raches, paralia Rachon

with dynamics and activity stations that through actions create consciousness and
Together we have created a dynamic similar to an Escape Room, in which there will be a
certain number of stations where we will have a social or problematic topic that the group on
which we focus on usually encounters. In each station the participants will be asked to
complete several activities like role play in the framework of social theater, create origami to
represent their ability to be integrated in society, participate in the game “one step forward”
to realise the long bureaucracy process that people that apply for asylum face, etc.
This activity aims to raise awareness over the topic and chiefly create compassion. In the
end, we are intending to create and hold a safe space where everyone will be able to
express themselves during a circle of discussion. In addition, we will facilitate a variety of
activities for all ages, including colouring pages with pictures from the cultures of refugees.