20 June 2023

17:00 – 23:00

Art Gallery in Kypseli, Agias Zonis 83

Art on showcase by refugees showing their resilience and compassion

This exhibit consists entirely of artwork created by refugees displaced in Greece after the closure of the borders in March 2016. The paintings were produced by children, teens, and adults residing at various refugee camps in Greece (including Nea Kavala, Elliniko, Ritsona, Eleonas, and Thiva) as well as those residing in housing communities throughout Greece. Several of the artists are refugees we originally met in Greece who have been accepted for asylum and are now residing in countries including Germany, France, and Sweden. The artists are primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Congo, and Cameroon. 

Kayra Martinez is the founder of Love Without Borders. She has provided a forum for the refugees to express themselves through their art. She takes the art worldwide which brings awareness to the refugee crisis. With the help of volunteers, she creates biographies for each artist which is presented alongside their art. 100% of the sales go back to the artists and any donations go to art supplies for the hundreds of artists as well as to accommodate the dozens of families the organization is supporting, and the extensive housing project in Athens. 

This exhibition stands as a powerful testament to the transformative power of art. Using limited materials, the works on display communicates the artists’ feelings, experiences, and inner lives, perhaps a longing for or remembrance of normalcy. The money enables them, to pay themselves for basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, toiletries, medicine, and the list goes on. The exhibition has been shown in many cities throughout the United States, Canada, South Korea, China, the Philippines, and across Europe. We hope that the vicarious experience gained from viewing these paintings may inspire each of us to help and support the refugees in our own way.

Love Without Borders