Film Night

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ECHO HUB, 29 I. Drossopoulou, Kipseli 11257
We are hosting 3 movie screenings on the rooftop of our building on the evenings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday of Refugee Week.

We have a limited capacity and admission will be on a first come first serve basis.

Organised by ECHO 100 plus

Since the ECHO HUB on Leros has proved itself as a successful model, we had been working hard to launch another educational centre on the mainland. In September 2019, ECHO100PLUS opened the ECHO HUB Athens with the main purpose to fast-track people into employability and self-determined life.

The metropolitan location has also facilitated cooperation with other organizations that supplement our programmes. ECHO100PLUS’ main partner in Athens is Human Rights 360, who are experts in legal and integration services and offer consultancy to ECHO HUB students. ECHO100PLUS also collaborates with The Language Project for language teacher recruitment, the Social Hacker’s Academy for IT programs, Velos Youth, the ECHO Refugee Library, and others. Consequently, the ECHO HUB Athens has become a one-stop facilitator for education, legal advice, bureaucratic assistance, psycho-social support, community building and employability support.

For information: Julie O’Driscoll- +30 698 8543685