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Walking in Light


Rescheduled for mid-October * * * *

Interdisciplinary site specific performance

Idea, artistic director : Elena Zervopoulou

Produced by Diversity United

Funded by Eleusis 2023 European Capital of Culture

RESCEDULED for mid October 2023

A site-specific performance combined with a video-dance projection and live music, inspired by testimonies of young refugees, reveals their inner journey while highlighting their resilience. As a starting point being their arrival (Eleusis) from the sea to the first door of Europe, Greece, it marks their emotional route, as it emerged and was creatively elaborated during our experiential workshops of video, physical theatre, music and dance. 

Guided by the poetic narration of Mustafa in the video, the performers embody their experiences giving us insights into their inner journey, where human connection, solidarity and resilience, uncover the path towards walking in light. 

Will the local community accompany them? By placing the audience in the center of an interactive experience of welcoming and accepting diversity and refugees, we invite them to take a position, become more aware and find alternative solutions. 

“Walking in Light” trusts the human potential by shedding light to the Eleusinian and European values of resilience, respect, and social justice. By overcoming their difficulties symbolically, through the “Mysteries of Transition”, refugees share extroversion and optimism with the audience. Highlighting and recognizing the resilience of those who have suffered, becomes therapeutic for the broader society.

We aim at promoting intercultural dialogue, inclusive art, empowering refugee emerging artists and raising awareness about social justice and human rights, so that refugees stop being regarded and treated as unprivileged.

Idea, artistic direction, directed, dramaturgy by : Elena Zervopoulou
Theatrical performance curation : Erifili Stefanidou

Written, directed by : Elena Zervopoulou
Choreographers : Lucia Pennacchia, Rossella Iacovone
Camera : Nicola D’Αntona, Carlos Zuniga, Elena Zervopoulou
Editing : Sergio Recchia
Musical composition : Roberto Re David
Sound design : Graziano Cammisa

Sound design piece “Σκοτάδι” : Santiago Zuniga
Sound technician : Nefeli Stamatogianopoulou 
Production director : Lenia Kodogouri 
Production assistant : Stefania Koliaraki 

Musician (ngoni) / dancer : Dauda Conteh
Dancer : Justine Goussot
Choreographies of both : Justine Goussot / Dauda Conteh
Musician, songwriter / performer : Jey Fure
Performers :
Camara Facinet
Hana Ganji
Jaml Khan
Tayeb Sarwari
Sina Ebrahimi


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