Community Celebration

20 June 2023


Victoria Community Centre: Filis 68, Athina 104 34

A festive afternoon of music, fun, games, sports activities and snacks in the Victoria Community Centre! All community members, friends, and neighbours are welcome. In line with this year’s theme of compassion, we will invite participants to perform acts of compassion that day and share stories about how receiving simple gestures of kindness have impacted their lives.

Victoria Community Center is a multifunctional space where visitors can benefit from various services, including mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS), legal and medical aid, social services, accommodation assistance, dedicated spaces for children and women, and non-formal adult education opportunities, offered by specialised partner organisations. Our center features a welcoming Cafe, backyard and rooftop areas with access to WiFi, books and games, recreational activities and a lunch option. 

Partners and collaborators: