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Healing through the Values of Democracy

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As part of Refugee Week Greece, exploration workshops around the theme of “healing” we are inviting you to this 2-hour interactive online workshop.

WEDNESDAY, 25 MAY 2022 FROM 18:00-20:00 UTC+03

Participants will reflect and explore practical ways of understanding the difference between accepting or tolerating differences and valuing cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity and variability are an asset for democratic societies and cultural affiliations, pluralism of perspectives, views and practices ought to be positively regarded, appreciated, and cherished.

Those who perceive that their experiences, values, and attitudes are not simply tolerated, but rather valued, gain a sense of integration and equality.

This feeling is an important step towards healing from experienced injuries and devaluations, from insecurities and fear.

A democracy at the center of which is the appreciation of differences can greatly contribute in such healing processes.

An interactive workshop on “Democracy is more than a word”: Healing through the values of democracy.

with Dr. Gelly Aroni – Head of the Unit for Integration and Support of Unaccompanied Minors, Special Secretariat for the Protection of UAMs, Ministry of Migration and Asylum

Rolf Gollob, Prof. Dr. Zurich University of Teacher Education – Swiss National Coordinator for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights for the Council of Europe.

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