This year, we wanted to take Refugee Week Greece Festival one step further and directly engage with migrant communities. To share stories of compassion, stories of humanity and creativity.

 Compass Films is part of the international network of Refugee Week in Greece.  It aims to raise awareness on migration and promote inclusion through arts. As part of Compass Films we are offering an online film screening of “Samos on Fire” by director Fareid Atta.

Music has the incredible ability to transcend language barriers and cultural differences, bringing people from all walks of life together in harmony.

This is particularly true in times of hardship and adversity, where music can provide a much-needed respite and a sense of community. In refugee camps like the one in Samos, Greece, where individuals from different countries and cultures are forced to live together under difficult circumstances, music can be a powerful tool for creating a sense of unity and shared humanity.

Despite the many challenges they face, the musicians in this camp continue to come together to create music, drawing on their diverse backgrounds and experiences to create something beautiful. Through music, they are able to connect with one another on a deep level, sharing their stories and their struggles, and finding solace in the beauty and power of music. Even in the face of earthquakes, fires, and the bewildering asylum process, the musicians of Samos find a way to come together, to make music, and to find hope in the midst of adversity.

In a world that often seems divided and fractured, music has the power to bring us together, to remind us of our shared humanity, and to create a sense of belonging and connection that transcends borders and boundaries.

The Director

FAREID ATTA Researcher + Journalist | Humanitarian Advocate

‘I am British born and raised, read English Literature for my undergraduate studies and graduated from Edinburgh University in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies with Arabic. I’m a bilingual reporter and researcher with recent experience in Greece as an Arabic translator. After volunteering for Med’Equali, I returned to the UK where I worked as a researcher for the International Institute for Strategic Studies. I’m currently working as a journalist in Cambridge.’

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