During Refugee Week Greece we have the opportunity to host our own radio show on “Healing” at Movement.radio.

Movement Radio is a 24/7 online radio station produced by Onassis Stegi and it is based in Athens.

The radio’s conception was based on the values of freedom of movement and the idea of cross-culturalism, aiming to reflect a growing awareness of the power stemming from creating, maintaining and participating in a network.

We have invited some very special guests from Devon (UK), Bristol (UK), Ireland, Lesvos (GR) to share with us what “Healing” means to them. The result is six hours of music guiding us through non-borders explorations.


Ali Wade, Devon (UK)

Billie George, Bristol (UK)

Jono Boyle, Ireland (IRL) / Athens (GR)

Rouddy Kampioka, Congo (DRC) / (Lesvos (GR)

Chris OD, Athens (GR)