‘‘Living in-between’’ Exhibition

The Art Foundation hosts Refugee Week Greece 2023 | 19.06 – 25.06.23

In the context of Refugee Week Greece, T.A.F. /the art foundation presents the art exhibition Living in-between under the theme of this year’s festival which is “compassion”.  A combination of artists who address migration, in an artistic context and artists who have a refugee background themselves, participate in the group exhibition that will take place at T.A.F. /the art foundation from Monday 19 June until Sunday 25 June 2023.

9 artists and art groups will engage in a multimedia conversation with the refugee past and present, the concept of mutual aid, their personal view of compassion, the cruelty of uprooting and the reality of refugees’ daily lives. 

“Xenitia”, population exchange, communities, sea, borders 

seeking refuge, fleeing


children’s perspective 

a house you carry with you, people you carry, carrying 


temporary home, indefinitely temporary home, home

Alongside the exhibition ‘‘Living in-between’’, Compass Films, will also take place at T.A.F. /the art foundation , a film event that aims to raise awareness about refugee communities, compassion and promote inclusion through art. 


‘‘Living in-between’’ Exhibition

Participants:       Exhibition curators:

Clemence B.T.D. Barret                                                         Aleksandra Malakasioti

Etienne Bruce                                                                         Eirini Ruby

Grigoria Vryttia 

Rahmat Ahmadi

Sirkhane Darkroom 

Tatiana Hneniuk 

Todd Rigos

Virginia Christakou 

Yiannis Tyrovolas 

Opening: Monday 19 June 2023 | 19.00

Duration: 19.06 – 25.06.23

Opening hours: 12.00-20.00 Location: TAF / The Art Foundation | 5 Normanou Street, Monastiraki