No Direction Home: stand up comedy

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Kypseli Municipal Market, Baytna Hub, Negri Fokionos 42, Athina 113 61

Do you love comedy? Do you make people laugh or want to share your story in a relaxed and supportive environment? Or simply to try out new things?

Athens Comics Library in collaboration with Counterpoint Arts is bringing NO DIRECTION HOME: STAND-UP COMEDY on Friday 19th June at Kypseli Municipal Market, Baytna Hub.

The combination of comedy and vulnerability may not be so controversial as it sounds at first. Instability can make for great comedy. And audiences often can relate to a comic’s vulnerabilities when they are up on stage. Creating brave spaces for people to share their stories, reflect and be welcomed by warm and supporting audiences is what we inspire to bring with NO DIRECTION HOME: STAND-UP COMEDY.