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Joaquin O’ Ryan / 6909943243 /

Lesvos Solidarity

Mosaik Support Center, Sapfous 9, Mytilene

A workshop in which the participants will create one collective comic with the subject “Healing” and print with a screen printing technique.
Greek / English


Lesvos Solidarity

Lesvos Solidarity (LeSol) is a grassroots organization based on Lesvos Island, Greece.

LeSol has been operating since 2012, with its roots being the former PIKPA Camp, the independent, open refugee camp in Mytilene.

Lesvos Solidarity mission is to support people in need –refugees and locals- by offering Housing, Medical support, Mental Health and Psycho-Social support, access to education, to create job opportunities and to advocate for an inclusive society which respects human rights.

Its vision is to inspire society and to expand its solidarity model, which promotes integration, equality, trust and respect for each other and for the environment, creativity, empowerment, and active participation.

The Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Founded in 1998 and held every year around World Refugee Day on the 20 June, Refugee Week is also a growing global movement. In Greece, the call and organisation of the RW comes from the Athens Comic Library. This year’s theme is “Healing”.

A 3 days workshop (could be 4 depending on the people attending) in which the participants will create one collective comic with the subject “Healing” and print it with a screen printing technique.

Number of participants:


Date and time:

Option 1: A 9 hours workshop in June 22-23-24, from 17:00 to 20:00 (week days afternoon)

Option 2: A 12 hours workshop June 25-26, from 11-13 and from 16-20 (more hours, but less intense, more time to give to the creative process)

Day 1

How to Screen Print? (1 hour)

– Theory and practice: we will print some designs that are ready. For this we will ask people to bring a used t-shirt, bag or textile to try it.
– Introduction to the materials and the technique while printing.

Introduction to comics and to screen printing (30 minutes):

– Brief comments on the history of comics, with examples, popular comics, graphic novels for advocacy.
– Examples of famous prints, screen printing in culture for inspiration.

Break (15 minutes)

Creating a collective comic (1.5 hours)

– Decide how we will do the process and what we will do with the comic, where to send it, where to upload it, etc.
– Decide the idea (brainstorming and other creative techniques)
– Create the script

Day 2

Design the comic (3-4 hours with breaks)

– Creative process to do the comic, split the roles, start drawing and writing.
– Scan the results. Edit in Photoshop and render to bitmap
– Print the transparencies
– Prepare the screens for the next day

Day 3 (3-4 hours with breaks)

– Expose the screens
– Print the comic in paper (and other surfaces) by turns
– Closing (optional: possibility to self print a certificate of assistance)

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