Picturing Crisis

Todd Rigos Studios & Galleries | Photography Exhibition Event

Todd Rigos Studios & Galleries and Refugee Week Greece are very excited to invite you, for the second year, to an event filled with photography exhibitions, video projections and presentations. Together we will create a discussion on humanity and discuss the role of the photographer documenting social issues.

SATURDAY, 24 JUNE 2023 FROM 19:00-23:45


19:00 – Ground floor Galleries will be open to the public featuring six photographers with projects from Syrian Women in Jordan, Turkey’s Earthquake, the Greek Willdfires, Mediterranean Rescue to Refugee Accommodation Centres.

Collections of photos of very important moments in history that have become defenders of the truth globally.

20:30 – Terrace Space. Will be open by sunset to enjoy our aperitif and watch the presentation by Konstantinos Zilos and Kiriakos Finas along with a few short films.

After the completion of the presentations, we will have the chance to meet each other, network and of course party. Food and drinks will be served and we are looking forward to meeting you all!

This event is created in honor of the world’s refugee day (June 20th) which marks the beginning of the Refugee Week GR Festival 2023 and aims to educate through the arts

Featuring Artists Links:

Tanya Habjouca: (Syrian Women in Jordan)

Konstantinos Tsakalidis: (The Greek Willdfires)

Konstantinos Zilos: (Turkey’s Earthquake)

Kyriakos Finas: (Turkey’s Earthquake)

Anna Pantelia: (Mediterranean Rescue)

Konstantinos Vlastarakis: (Refugee Accommodation Center of Elliniko, 2016)

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