Art Installation and Creation

What does COMPASSION mean to YOU?

19 June 2023

12.00 – 18.00

Kodratou 21, Athens 104 36 (Metaxourgeio)

An interactive art exhibit around the topic of compassion by answering the question “What does ‘compassion’ mean to you?” in an artistic way. It can be in writing, drawing, painting, recording, sculpting, etc, and the exhibit will be done with the results in our centre. The initial installation will be created with our pieces and our individuals’ pieces, but the idea is to provide arts and crafts materials for the people that come to see it for them to create something answering the same question. In this way, the exhibit grows and grows everyday, finishing with various pieces done by people with different backgrounds that will share time and space while creating something artistic. We think that art is a way of bringing people together, so we don’t want to provide something only to be looked at, but something to participate in. We want it to be as open and free as possible, without rules about the means used; the only requirement is to create around the topic of compassion. Individuals may come the entire week of 19-23 June from 12-6pm to participate in the interactive art event. At the end of the week, we will have an art installation that will be publicly displayed in our Centre.

Compassion is the central topic of the art exhibit and all of the pieces will answer the question about the meaning of the concept. We want to explore different points of view around the topic in the widest way possible, inviting everybody to share their perspective. In this way, we think we are connecting with the main concept, not only with the pieces, but by sharing time with each other while creating them. Sitting down with people with different backgrounds while being creative is a way of connecting, sharing and coming closer to one another.

The Fáilte Centre takes its name from “Fáilte,” the Irish word for “welcome.” Fáilte (pronounced FAHL-chuh) emphasises our core approach: we welcome all individuals regardless of age, gender, background, nationality, political orientation or religion. In a seemingly unwelcoming and inhospitable environment for vulnerable individuals, we challenge this narrative. 

Our mission at The Fáilte Centre is to provide both individualised learning opportunities as well as mental health & psychosocial support (MHPSS) services in a welcoming and caring environment. We refer to those that come to Fáilte as individuals, rather than beneficiaries or vulnerable people. 

This philosophy is reflected in how we treat every person that comes through our door: as individuals who deserve dignified, tailored responses to their specific concerns and needs. Furthermore, the values of empathy, respect and inclusivity are incorporated into the services we provide at Fáilte.

The Fáilte Centre