Welcome through Football

2o June 2023


Spata Training Centre

Athens Comics Library is working in partnership with AEK F.C. on the European programme Welcome Through Football which is coming together in 2019 in various countries in partnership with popular football clubs. This programme is recognising the value of sports and football in particular, in social cohesion, skills development and nurturing professional opportunities for the participants.

The programme is taking place over three years and it has three stages which are relevant to different age groups, with a common methodology and approach in order to:

  • Offer to all participants an interesting and creative experience, which can have a positive long term impact in their lives
  • Equip participants with skills and knowledge to help them develop mentally and professionally
  • Build on their confidence, self respect, mental health and nurture a belonging feeling
  • Act as an accelerator for matters of discimination, equality, equity, and social acceptance

Meetings will be weekly and will last for 4 hours, during each session participants will have the opportunity to train with AEK FC technical team, but also to take part in educational and fun activities, get to meet AEK FC players, watch games and more.

Purpose of the programme is to create a lively active community, therefore all activities are well designed with a focus in creating unique experiences for the young people and their carers.