18:00-22:00 Exhibition

Sunday 26/6/2022

19:00 Talk

ESTO Arts space, Zaimi 24, 10683

Our proposed project started when we learned by accident through Nassim Muradi that our studio space used to be a social project for young refugees (under the name Mohajer) which sew bags out of unusable old clothes as well as the rubber dinghies and life jackets, that brought them across the Mediterranean to Europe. We are currently conducting research about the social project Moha- jer as we didn’t want our space to be another “white cube” design studio, operating outside the topicalities of the neighbourhood, we will take this particular (hi)story and articulate it through a collaborative project.

Organised by Esto Association
Esto Association is a design studio in Exarchia Athens, Greece founded in 2021. It’s a creative association by three young designers and artists (Konstantinos Doumpenidis, Niki Chania, Markela Bgiala, Iro Karavia) of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Esto aims to bring together design and artistic practices, setting up the foundation for dialogues over current issues. Our central aim is to be in constant dialogue with the neighbourhood of Exarchia and use the medium of design in order to address current societal problems, engaging in political, social and humanitarian design.

Information: 6946504293